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Growing up, our parents didn't allow us to have any pets.  It never sat well with me because I'm an animal lover, so naturally every year I would ask Santa for a puppy during Christmas time.  It wasn't until our second year of dating that Ben surprised me with my first dog.  She was the cutest Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix puppy I'd ever seen!  We settled on naming her Mumu because of her cow-like spots.  Fast forward a few years and a wedding later, to when we were gifted our Chocolate Labrador/German Shorthaired Pointer mix, Koko.  We truly consider them part of our family and we want to provide the best care so they can live long, enjoyable dog years.

As Ben and I become more health-conscious and think twice about what we consume, we believe in doing the same for our fur babies.  We strongly believe in nourishing the body through correct diet & exercise, both for ourselves and our pets.  Many pet parents want the best for their dog or cat but unfortunately do not know where to begin. That's where we can help!  We're able to offer you our knowledge, unique pet products, natural & holistic foods, and treats directly to your home.  Our company strives in providing excellent customer service, as well as offering the highest quality of pet products for cats and dogs alike. Our mission is to raise awareness on the importance of pet health and nutrition in the community.  

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The Modern Paws

Lisa, Ben, Mumu & Koko

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