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The team at The Modern Paws in Tampa is here for you and your pets. Learn more about our pet services below.

Dog Groomer in Tampa

Our full-service spa grooming department pampers your pets while they receive their Spa Bath, Mini Spa Grooms, or Full Spa Grooms in our state of the art facility using the newest grooming products & equipment.

Pet Nutrition Specialist

Our pets' diet is incredibly important to their total wellness. At The Modern Paws, our pet nutrition advice in Tampa aims to empower animal lovers to provide their animals with a high-quality diet during the course of each stage of life. Proper nourishment can help improve many health concerns.

Self-Service Dog Wash

Our elevated spa wash stations are available on a first come, first served, walk-in basis. Bathe your dog with us here using warm relaxing water with various soothing shampoo options, and ear cleaning products by Nootie. Finish off your dog's luscious bath with a gentle brushing & blow drying. Self dog wash includes the use of waterproof aprons, Kong ZoomGroom brushes, shampoo, drying towel, & ear cleaning wipes.

Pet Adoptions

Congratulations on your {decision|choice} to adopt a pet! Not only will you be {giving|providing|granting|supplying} {a pet|a dog or cat} {a loving|a caring|an adoring} {home|house|place to call home}, but you'll also be {providing|clearing} {space|room|kennels} at {a shelter|a rescue|a pet shelter|an animal shelter} for {another|an additional|yet another} {pet|dog} {to be|to get} {saved|rescued}, {too|as well|in addition}!

Come visit our pet supply store in Tampa, FL specializing in quality food, treats, and supplies for cats and dogs.